Leapfrog hunt answers

Hi weevils larry here just want to say theres a new leapfrog hunt the places where the bubbles are at

shopping mall

castle gam

gongs pipenest

rums cove airport

labs lab

riggs multiplex

and if you goto flem mannor press the trampoline and go inside get a poster and a nest item




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3 Responses to Leapfrog hunt answers

  1. megan12 says:

    Thanks. that realy helped. Keep it up Binweevils fire. i searched for the answers for every where but i couldnt find it. thanks to you. i have 500 mulch. even if i have 500 mulch,im happy.

    cant wait for the new website. saw your earler post.

  2. LaRrY-xX © says:

    Thanks i have made a new weevil with my friend we share it and i have just went and got loads off mulch from a bunch of bubbles lolz

  3. sister1 says:

    it doesnt even tell u answers

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