Vote for BinWeevils Fire

Hey weevils!!

Guys please vote for BinWeevils Fire! I really want it to win. I know you guys got me up to here! Because of you guys,BinWeevils Fire became one of the most successfull,most viewed and the most popular cheats sites in the whole bin history! Our bussiest day was december 23th 2011 where we had 420 views! We always get 250 views!

I still do wish khilmg (the second site owner) was here. He would be really happy that his site BinWeevils Fire is in the most famous website in the whole bin history!

Please click here to vote for BinWeevils Fire and for XxJamieXx ! Please guys! You have done alot for me! But now i just ask you to do one more thing for me!

Your sincerely,



About XxJamieXx

Owner and creator of BinWeevils-Fire. Former member of Grotts Gang.
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One Response to Vote for BinWeevils Fire

  1. seanlego7 says:

    I voted for you

Bin Weevils Fire is now closed. Feel free to browse!

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