The Winner of the BWF author poll and a thank you!

Hey weevils,

We are happy to announce the new author of BinWeevils-Fire.

Congratulations to kieran6955! He won the author poll by 35 votes.

The weevil who came second was Woofy2001. He had 21 votes!

kieran6955’s role will be an author however his role could change to admin if he is an active member and posts regularly.

Woofy2001 will become an moderator on our new chatroom which is coming soon!

Woofy2001 and the other weevils who were in the poll and sadly didn’t win can go to Become an author for 3 weeks page and enter once again.

And also, our team would like to thank you. We have been getting 100+ views and it is amazing. Thank you for your support.


BinWeevils Fire

P.S kieran, i have sent an email to you to join BinWeevils Fire. Accept it please and make your first post!


About XxJamieXx

Owner and creator of BinWeevils-Fire. Former member of Grotts Gang.
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One Response to The Winner of the BWF author poll and a thank you!

  1. woofy2001 says:

    congrats kieran, i wouldnt have wanted to be beaten by a better weevil

Bin Weevils Fire is now closed. Feel free to browse!

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