Bin Tunes: Scribbles’ Scoop on the WEB!

Hey Weevils!

The WEB villains will stop at nothing to get their menacing mitts on SWS technology. Now it looks like they’ve even broken into Slam’s high-tech studio!  Will they stop at nothing?!  While they were in there, though, we’ve got to admit they recorded a pretty sweet track…

Scribbles has only seen a Thugg a couple of times, and he was terrified each time! Certainly, he’s never come up close enough to interview one… but he’s a regular at SWS HQ in Castle Gam, always ferreting out the latest secret files on these baddies! Read on to learn more about the WEB’s complement of clones.

Check out the full album track listing at, and be sure to visit Gong’s Pipenest to find out how to enter theBin Tunes Animate It Music Video Competition! Bin Tunes is YOUR album, and four of our lucky fans will win a chance to help direct the next Bin Weevils Music Video! Bin-tastic!

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One Response to Bin Tunes: Scribbles’ Scoop on the WEB!

  1. hf556 says:

    Thanks for posting this kieran6955! I’ve removed the bit where it says Bin Weevils Broadcasters is shutting down.

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