Bin Tunes: It’s the Secret Weevil Service on the case!


This week, we heard a creepy new tune from the villainous WEB! They’d sure love to take over the Binscape and cause havoc wherever they go…but they’d better not forget that there’s one incredible, unstoppable force standing in their way. The brave and powerful Secret Weevil Service are here!

SWS agents Tink, Clott and Bunty have their own song to sing, and those WEB baddies had better start running! Starting next week, you’ll be able to hear a brand new top tune from the SWS Agents in the Bin Tunes jukebox at Club Fling.

DID YOU KNOW? The SWS don’t only protect the Bin from WEB villains… our very own lovable mad scientists can find themselves in quite a bit of trouble too!  When Lab’s latest experiment gets out of hand, who do you think he’ll call? Not to worry – the SWS will be there on the double. Look out out for an exciting new SWS Case File coming soon!

Check out the Bin Tunes track listing at, and be sure to visit Gong’s Pipenest to find out how to enter theBin Tunes Animate It Music Video Competition! Bin Tunes is YOUR album, and four of our lucky fans will win a chance to help direct the next Bin Weevils Music Video! Bin-tastic!


I think the song is gonna be epic! What do you think, Put your thoughts in the comments below!


All rights reserved by Binweevils Ltd


-Bing The Weevil



Hi! I'm xCOUTINHO, I play binweevils, My first ever BW account was created in 2010 named Bing8000, I made my new account xCOUTINHO on 1st September 2015, Former Owner & Founder of Bing8000 Binweevil (blog discontinued) Current Owner & Founder of xCOUTINHO Binweevil Cheat service (
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