Hey guys (authors) i dont want to go on chat because i dont support xat or any chatrooms anymore but heyy! I havent been on bw in ages and in the likes of 15 days im shocked to see how much work all the binweevils fire crew have done to make this website a great one! Anyway i dont really post as much anymore because i play other games but because this site is so great ive decided im not quiting! I will be doing edits for anyone who wants one because i really like doing edits, i wont really be posting about anything else. Anyway if you want an edit send me a picture of your weevil to spencerbooth9@hotmail.com



Thanks guys

Larry (Old blogger)


About Spencer

Hello whats not to love about me. I'm awesome.....
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  1. hf556 says:

    Can I join your WordPress blog

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