NEW Song: Slam’s Jam!

Hey Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New blog:


Busy Slam is always on the go – when she’s not planning the next big party in the Bin, she’s spinning her favourite tunes from the DJ booth and keeping everyone on the dance floor entertained. We’re so glad she found time to record her own track for the Bin Tunes album – a Bin-tastic rap that’s guaranteed to get your feet moving!

Slam’s tune is the last track to be released as a sneak peek…and you know what that means. The album is almost here! If you can’t wait to get your feelers on Bin Tunes, you can now bop around to a clip of every single track inside Club Fling.

Don’t forget to pick up all your collectible music stickers! The first time you listen to each track, you’ll unlock a FREE Bin Tunes nest item!


DID YOU KNOW? Slam’s planning a Bin-tastic party when the album comes out! We’re so proud to feature lyrics from our fans on the album (plus a music video directed by four lucky fans coming soon!) and we want to throw a party for EVERYBODY to celebrate. Stay tuned for details…

Check out the full track listing on Our second single, So Much Better With Two, is on the way!

Let us know what you think about the new track, Slam’s Jam, in the comments below!

– hf556


About hf556

Hello, I'm hf556! I enjoy reporting the latest Bin news and my favourite games are Rum's Luggage Rummage, Lab's Lab and Wack A Weevil! I'm all blue with a set of super legs and antennas! . I was taught at Flem Manor School and later trained to be a secret agent at Castle Gam! My favourite locations are Nest Street, Flum's Fountain and Rum's Airport. My favourite films are Gam saves the Bin, Clott almosts blows the Bin apart and Bunty goes shopping crazy. My favourite nest items are Bling's wallpaper, Clott's explosion chair and Bunty's shopping list. My disliked nest items are Scribbles' clock, Tink's lamp and the Top Trump poster. My best buddies are Dumdawg, Emeeyceey, Eddzy, Mackied, Tum103 and Tiny-Weevil. I hope you enjoyed reading my profile!
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