The server ‘GUNGE’ is back!

Hey weevils,

If you around BinWeevils back then, then you would know a server called Gunge!

It was one of the most least liked servers but now it is back!












What do you think about this server coming back? Can we try to make it one of the popular servers? Comment down below!





About XxJamieXx

Owner and creator of BinWeevils-Fire. Former member of Grotts Gang.
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9 Responses to The server ‘GUNGE’ is back!

  1. Have you noticed there is not many bins open like last time 🙂

  2. Spencer says:

    i used to love the bin mulch
    larry 🙂

  3. XxJamieXx says:

    I think you mean glop. That is quite an old bin.

  4. hf556 says:

    I found an old header in our media files, so I uploaded it.

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