5 Years On BW Party!

Hello guys!

Bing here celebrating my 5 years on BW party here is the info:

Date & Day: Saturday 12th July 2013

Time: 5:00pm – 6:30pm

Server & Place: Slop (If closed Dirt) Tinks Tree to bings nest

How to get to my nest: Simply say Bing Party if chat disabled dance




Hi! I'm xCOUTINHO, I play binweevils, My first ever BW account was created in 2010 named Bing8000, I made my new account xCOUTINHO on 1st September 2015, Former Owner & Founder of Bing8000 Binweevil (blog discontinued) Current Owner & Founder of xCOUTINHO Binweevil Cheat service (xcoutinhobwcheats.wordpress.com)
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Bin Weevils Fire is now closed. Feel free to browse!

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