Thinking about leaving BinWeevils for good.

Hey weevils,

As you may have read the title, I am thinking about leaving BinWeevils for good. I have not confirmed this but I want to ask you, should I stay? Here are the reasons why I am thinking about leaving….

There was no point of re opening BinWeevils Fire since we don’t even get that much views anymore and sites like Weevily World have got basically everything covered.

Nearly all my friends are getting chat banned for no reason. BinWeevils is becoming a bit unfair and making nearly everything for tycoon.

I am more of a gamer person now and I want to concentrate more on that.

I am thinking about getting a job that has something to do with computers so I will be taking lessons in my school a lot.

BinWeevils Fire isn’t as active is it was two years ago because of the lack of posting delivered by ALL THE AUTHORS!

Please comment down whether I should stay or not. I will be taking your comment into consideration.




About XxJamieXx

Owner and creator of BinWeevils-Fire. Former member of Grotts Gang.
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3 Responses to Thinking about leaving BinWeevils for good.

  1. SuperSpen says:

    jamie actually im not joining. join minecraft its a video game whats really fun!

    • XxJamieXx says:

      I really do want to buy minecraft, but I am saving up for something. I try to play the demo, but I do not have the right plugin. I am going to get a gaming PC soon so I will hopefully play the game 😀

Bin Weevils Fire is now closed. Feel free to browse!

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