Hello! And welcome top a very sad post by Bing8000,


I have to quit BW for a new game coming out [Foxotic] I have to quit binweevils for it I am sorry but I have to since it is a game made by one of our bloggers who sadly quit and his Fox name is now [Ben] this may be my last post I will now be known as Bing Fox


I’m sorry 😦

As for weevily gang cheats [Jamie]  will own the blog but if I come back I own it

Thanks for reading a sad post by Bing Fox



Hi! I'm xCOUTINHO, I play binweevils, My first ever BW account was created in 2010 named Bing8000, I made my new account xCOUTINHO on 1st September 2015, Former Owner & Founder of Bing8000 Binweevil (blog discontinued) Current Owner & Founder of xCOUTINHO Binweevil Cheat service (xcoutinhobwcheats.wordpress.com)
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