Hello weevils!

Kieran6955 here and I’m wondering if I should leave Bin Weevils but I thought I should ask viewers of all the blogs I work on.

So here’s the question:

Should I leave Bin Weevils?

I will still be blogging but not about Bin Weevils.

I have made a blog for a game called Turtle World.

I have made a blog for Club Penguin.

I am going to make a blog for Claws Jungle.

You decide. Should I leave Bin Weevils?

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About kieran6955

I'm kieran6955, a blogger about Bin Weevils and Club Penguin! I own a site called Bin Weevils Broadcasters which is awaiting its 2nd birthday to come! It has also had more than 13,000 weevils that have visited it, my current goal for views is to get 20,000 before March 2014. I also make cool graphics! If you want one you can just ask and I will give you it in a 2 day period! I am also a html coder! I can make trackers, .Gif or .swf files, if you want one ask me and I will give it to you! I am aged 17, my birthday is 26th August so I would love a present (hint, hint)! I am very kind, helpful and I love blogging! Help me reach 400 followers on twitter @GamingKieran because that would be very nice of you. I don't have anything else to say so, Bye!
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2 Responses to Leaving?

  1. jaylenstar9047 says:

    Your choice! I will follow your club penguin blog as I play club penguin, do you?

  2. yoshi6601 says:

    Kierean, do you play Foxotic? Cos if you do leave Bin Weevils, you can always that! It is currently in closed beta testing.

Bin Weevils Fire is now closed. Feel free to browse!

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