Should I leave?

Hey weevils,

Jamie here and I am thinking about leaving. Why you may ask? Because a lot of bad things have been happaning to me in real life and before you even think about it, this is no excuse just to slack off and enjoy my holidays.

I have not been on binweevils for several weeks and I am truly sorry. All I want to ask you is, should I leave? I am asking this question for both viewers and Authors. I really can’t decide. If I stay, I won’t post as much.

So please tell me


About XxJamieXx

Owner and creator of BinWeevils-Fire. Former member of Grotts Gang.
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5 Responses to Should I leave?

  1. phurple says:

    Tbh, I would rather you do what you feel like, if you don’t want to do it anymore then don’t. It’s not going to make you much happier.

    Of course everyone will miss you, but if life is tough, sometimes you need to make sacrafices 🙂 After all, we r all going to have to leave bw some day! I would love u to stay, but it is really up to u.

  2. I was thinking about leaving myself, my 5 year party only jjs63 came to be honest I almost cryed! Just do what you think I will not be posting often anymore maybe 3 times every 3 weeks? It would be sad to see you go, Just do what you feel like and what phurple said lol

  3. cliangordn1753 says:

    Well, if you leave, who shall own this site? I mean, I am thinking about playing CP instead, or MC.
    So, truly, the decision is up to you. Or, I say Yes, if life is tough in Real Life. Listen to phurple’s advice.

  4. hf556 says:

    Please don’t leave!

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