Bin Tycoon Membership Give away!

Hey Weevils! I am giving away BinWeevil codes! All you need to do is comment below with your email and you will be given the code! will choose so there is no judge!



Hi! I'm xCOUTINHO, I play binweevils, My first ever BW account was created in 2010 named Bing8000, I made my new account xCOUTINHO on 1st September 2015, Former Owner & Founder of Bing8000 Binweevil (blog discontinued) Current Owner & Founder of xCOUTINHO Binweevil Cheat service (
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6 Responses to Bin Tycoon Membership Give away!

  1. Merchandise says:

    Can I have one??

  2. Nathan says:

    I am a level seven and struggling to get another bin bot

  3. hamza says:

    can i have a membership

Bin Weevils Fire is now closed. Feel free to browse!

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