New Author Policy: STRAIGHT REMOVE

Hey weevils,

I have made a new Author Policy and it is if you don’t post within three days, you will have 2 warnings, continue to not post and you will be removed.

I am fed up with all the Authors except chip who is a fairly new author and hf556 who I believe is currently is on holidays. If there is no post, do it! If you join BinWeevils Fire, then take your time to post.

I understand you have blogs, once you have finished a post on your blog, proceed to BinWeevils Fire and do one post and you are finished. Then you may resume your work with your blog.



Please note: I am still looking for Authors so if your active, have great grammar and be above the age of 10, please proceed here


About XxJamieXx

Owner and creator of BinWeevils-Fire. Former member of Grotts Gang.
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9 Responses to New Author Policy: STRAIGHT REMOVE

  1. Merchandise says:

    Hello Jamie.
    Please change my role to editor and I will post.

  2. Merchandise says:

    Can we meet on bin weevils now?

  3. Jamie, I will be very inactive due to alot of reasons sorry 😦

    • XxJamieXx says:

      Sorry but I have literally had enough. You keep saying the same thing over and over again. When are you available for gods sake. I have a lot of applications for Join the fire but I am keeping them up because we have plenty of authors but honestly, your not doing anything.

      • well hardly anyone entered my comp on this blog but on any other blog i got 10-20 im sorry but i dont have time for blogging when i dont enjoy as much as i did before, i have to many blogs to work on, im only 8 years old, im working on 10 blogs and ur working on 1 blog, what do you think is harder 1 blog, or 10 blogs? seriously.

  4. XxJamieXx says:

    I know you have many blogs to work on. And I have worked on many sites such as Grotts Gang but they all closed down. And working on sites is not hard. You could copy the post you are doing and you could paste them on every blog you work on. It is honestly not hard.

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