BEST NEST Issue #50 OUT NOW & Your Claw Machine Collections

Everyone is waiting impatiently for Scribbles’ 200th issue of Weevil Weekly, but the Nest Inspector also deserves some congrats this week… it’s his 50th issue of Best Nest! Now that’s a lot of cool nests.

There are 10 nest rooms featured per issue, so that means we’ve seen FIVE HUNDRED awesome nest rooms in the pages of the magazine. Was yours one of them?

Check out the Bin-tastic new edition of Best Nest Magazine at Weevil Post, Rigg’s Multiplex to see the latest and greatest in weevily nest designs!

 This week’s most colossal Claw Machine collection belongs to cleo55 with a whopping 244 prizes!

Nest Inspector also couldn’t help but notice the huge Claw Machine toy collections in some of the nests he saw this week. Weevily wow, that’s a lot of Bin Weevils toys!  Check out these three amazing collections:


TOP TIP: Bin Tycoon Members can play VIP games at the Summer Fair, and members also earn extra tokens for every game they play! To collect all the coolest Summer Fair stuff even faster, become a Bin Tycoon member today! Learn more on the Membership page.


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Bin Weevils Fire is now closed. Feel free to browse!

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