Winners: Your Perfectly Pongy Poems!

Drumroll, please… Scribbles and Ink have selected their favourite poems from the Bad Poetry Day Competition! These verses were silly, they were icky, they were crazy… they were so Bin-tastically bad they really made us cringe! Well done! Read on…if you dare.

The authors of these pungent poems will each receive a nice, shiny, blingin’ Scribbles Trophy. Congratulations! (We thought you’d like that better than free tickets to Ink’s next mystery play,The Secret of the Smelly Socks. You’d have to pay us to sit through it!)


About Cillian Gordon

Hi, I'm Cillian Gordon - I am a fucking faggot and I like to suck dick for a job. My favourite hacking squad is hex. Hacked by #hex
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