XxJamieXx meets X-lightening-X

Hello weevils,

I am super happy today because I met one of the legends of BinWeevils, X-lightening-X

For those who weren’t around the old bin, X-lightening-X was a really famous weevil who was always being crowded by hundreds of weevils. I believe he once won KOTB. (KOTB stands for King of the bin, King of the bin was a competition and if you won that competition, you would get a crown)

Sadly he was recognized by only THREE weevils, me, jjs63 and an anonymous weevil.

Here is a proof that I actually saw him!

Jamie meets lightening




About XxJamieXx

Owner and creator of BinWeevils-Fire. Former member of Grotts Gang.
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6 Responses to XxJamieXx meets X-lightening-X

  1. XxJamieXx says:

    Lightening added me 😀

  2. X-lightening-X Approves of this message

  3. sponggoo5000 says:

    I see lightening nearly every day on BW! I have never seen him talk though…

  4. i never talk because im not always staring at my screen.. im mainly on my xbox with the laptop at the side of me thats mainly why i dont reply/talk

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