Uh-oh! Sly_Chicken needs help!

Hi there,

Some of you know me as “cliangordn1753”, “Merchandise”, and “Sly_Chicken”.

I’m actually called cliangordn1753, but some people call me Merchandise.

There was a BinweevilPedia Mascot, called “BinweevilPedia”, but they asked me to change it. 

Now it’s called “Sly_Chicken”.

Sly_Chicken is hosting a Halloween party, but needs your help to purchase a plaza room.

He’s got 1388 much, and needs 10000 mulch to buy it.

So what I’m trying to tell you is please meet me around the bin on Saturday at 2:00, 4:00-5:00 and 7:00.

Then rate my magazines five, and I’ll get the mulch to purchase a Halloween Plaza Room!

Please note that I will allow you to contact me on cilliangordon@gmail.com to let you have a certain time to meet me.

Hopefully you’ll all be able to come!

Thank you for reading a post by cliangordn1753

My site is: binweevilpedia.wordpress.com



About Cillian Gordon

Hi, I'm Cillian Gordon - I am a fucking faggot and I like to suck dick for a job. My favourite hacking squad is hex. Hacked by #hex
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12 Responses to Uh-oh! Sly_Chicken needs help!

  1. XxJamieXx says:

    I’ll donate 3000 but not now as I am eating my cake 🙂

  2. mia4400 says:

    could we meat as soon as you see this comment and in dirt at mag room

  3. mia4400 says:

    And could you wait as i am going outside to play

  4. mia4400 says:

    Hi i cant see you there

  5. mia4400 says:

    What acc will you be on??

  6. cliangordn1753 says:

    I’m there.

  7. Sly_Chicken says:

    Also, if some people would like to help me get 10000 mulch and want to log into my account.
    Please E-Mail me on “cilliangordon@gmail.com”, and if you hack it, I’ll change the password.

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