If this blog isn’t getting the views it needs, we might close down *please read*

Hello there,

It’s me, cliangordn1753 – I know, I’m posting even though I’ve quit BinWeevils partially.

BinWeevils-Fire aren’t getting the views it needs, and if its views are affecting this blog, we’ll have to delete it, as simple as said.

Why aren’t we not getting the views?

  • Nobody whose been invited is posting, including hf556, chip8967, Spencer, XxJamieXx (himself, I know!), cliangordn1753 (myself), and all the others who are invited.
  • People think “this blog is too old to be viewed”, but we all know they’re the ones who’ve had an unsuccessful blog. 
  • People give up, which is starting to affect this blog badly.
  • People do view it, but after a while they find that it “becomes boring” and give up.

So now I just named 4 reasons people aren’t viewing or even posting on this blog.

I shall be removing people soon if they do not post within today and December 31st 2013.

Failing results in being removed, and maybe not even be able to join again, so get posting!

By the way, “I’m going on holiday for 2 weeks” isn’t an excuse, you can post there and then, and you know it.

Even if you’re going on holiday for 3 weeks, you’ll still be removed.

Even if you have to go somewhere in 1 minute for 3 weeks, no, you’ll still be removed, internet access or not, laptop or device or not.

I hope you understand what I’m talking about now, because you’ll know all about it once you’re removed.

In fact, if you use any excuses, you’ll be removed immediately, even if you REALLY ARE going somewhere.




About Cillian Gordon

Hi, I'm Cillian Gordon - I am a fucking faggot and I like to suck dick for a job. My favourite hacking squad is hex. Hacked by #hex
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51 Responses to If this blog isn’t getting the views it needs, we might close down *please read*

    • cliangordn1753 says:

      Woah, woah, woah! Imagine if that your blog had no-one posting on it, or you weren’t posting on it – and it became unsuccessful?
      You wouldn’t like to keep people who weren’t posting – so I’m saving this blog!
      ALSO: Everybody except me and XxJamieXx are authors.

  1. XxJamieXx says:

    As you may or may not have known, I get notifications on my phone. If people post, it will come up on my phone. For some reason, no one as been posting.

    As for me, as soon as I logg in to wordpress, I can not access BinWeevils-Fire. But can access Weekly Weevil blog for some reason.

    When I read this post, I got really ANGRY! Only at that bit that said ” if its views are affecting this blog, we’ll have to delete it, as simple as said”

    You have no right to say that.I own this site. I made it three years ago, (Almost four) and have been enjoying the experience with my site. Whether this site gets 10 views,there is no way I would delete it. However… (NEW COMMENT WILL BE POSTED

  2. XxJamieXx says:

    However, I do agree with you that some authors need to be deleted. Do not delete hf556, Chip8967 and Spencer. They have all done me favours.

  3. Chip8967 says:

    I haven’t been able to post because I’ve had millions to do, my blog got deleted by hacked called ”Bin Leaks” and I’m busy with my new blog- http://weevilywonder.wordpress.com so I’m not able to post. That’s really harsh!

  4. cliangordn1753 says:

    XxJamieXx, once you reach 0 views per month you’ll be sorry you said what you did. I was thinking of making a new blog, a more “common” name. I’m afraid even YOU will have to post. You have not posted a What’s New Blog post in ages now, so you really do need to post. And as I already said, I do not accept excuses about “I can’t view BinWeevils-Fire on my phone”, you can, and I’ll tell you why – because Weekly Weevil Blog is deleted, so you cannot view it, and nobody else is experiencing phone problems with BinWeevils-Fire, and even I’m not! Here, I’ll post a comment via my phone.

  5. cliangordn1753 says:

    Here is a comment via my phone.

  6. Bin2761 says:

    Everyone probably has hard work to do, including lots of Homework! Give them a chance.

  7. cliangordn1753 says:

    I’d like to introduce you to you’re actually able to blog after your homework, but you probably didn’t notice. But they’re not able to, and it’s seeming to me as if their computer’s been taken off them. As you were saying…

    • XxJamieXx says:

      You are still in primary school, so you have no clue how homework works in secondary school.

      Everyday, you are likely to get homework. Even via email. Most of them are due literally the next day. It’s not just homework you have to worry about, you have to revise for tests and make samples for your projects. You also have to deal with stuff in real life as well.

      I also take part in after school clubs and hang out with friends. And lets be honest, hanging out with friends in real life is one of the most enjoyable moments of your life.

      And please, this isn’t your site. I don’t need your lectures. Whether I get 10 views, you don’t need to worry about it. If you have a problem, feel free to resign from the site. 🙂

  8. Chip8967 says:

    Stop thinking you own the blog.

  9. cliangordn1753 says:

    There are guards, ’cause I can call ’em. Now what slang-er?

  10. cliangordn1753 says:

    OK Jamie, you actually fell for me being in Primary School? Anyway, I’m actually able to finish my homework as soon as I get in the door and I’m not TOTC!

  11. cliangordn1753 says:

    hf556, Eddzy and I are thinking about quitting Bin Weevils. Then we won’t have to matter about these blogs, and they’ll become MORE and MORE unsuccessful. No hf556 posting? Oh well – you’ll manage it, I think. Anyway, I’ll see you in years to come…

  12. mestmur says:

    Please post on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. If you don’t agree, you could permanently be removed!

  13. mestmur says:

    I think you mean you’re. And anyway, I’m an admin.

  14. mestmur says:

    Bing, I’ll tie you to a chair and gag you with a cloth. I’ll then kill you with a gun until you tell me your password for Bin Weevils.

  15. Spencer has quit, THERES NOTHING YOU CAN DO MESTMUR, Your not owner, not even co owner.
    You are probably not even going to be staff if you continue, I quit binweevils and I have known thisblog since its CREATION.You shouldent be a admin.

  16. So, When you go on holiday and you come back with a contributor rank, Dont start moaning, You set the rule you will stop it

  17. XxJamieXx says:

    cliangordn1753 has been removed for threatening to kill. That is unacceptable. Death threats are against the law.

  18. Spencer says:

    Hello jamie!!! I Have a really fast laptop now and i play minecraft, team fortress 2 and garrys mod. Jamie plz give me your skype coz i will show u how to get minecraft for free on pc and yeh this site is kinda dead but still we were never “THE best” site ever but y’know these guys dont remember the old bwf with khilmg, meadow and us 2. they were some of the best times of my life. anyway jamie plz get that cilan guy to —– this site. Bye 😀 btw you can remove me if you want but when i wanna speak to ya thats why i post

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