About Us

Welcome to BinWeevils-Fire! A non profit organization willing to help you on BinWeevils. We work hard on our site making sure we keep you up to date with all the weevily things happening around the bin. From hunts to information. BinWeevils-Fire do not claim copyright over BinWeevil content.


We work with Copyscape! The reason we are working with them is because there has been weevils coping some property from our website. We joined hands with them and now they are searching for any weevils who are coping anything from our site! If you see someone copied something from here,please leave a comment in the comment area and let us know and we will be taking legal action!


The reason BinWeevils Fire exists is because of a very old BinWeevil cheat site called BinWeevil Gang. The content they had was simply amazing and it was one of the famous BinWeevil blogs of all time.


If you have any problems, please do leave a comment below.

BinWeevils Fire Team (SINCE 2010)


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  1. hf556 says:

    You have been chosen to be entered into the Bin Weevil Company awards! Click this link to go there: http://tinyurl.com/nrdul3r

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