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Weevil Name:XxJamieXx

Genuinely known as: Jamie or JJ

Joined BinWeevils:2007

Position in BinWeevils Fire:Owner and the creator.

Likes: Gaming(Playstation 3), friends, sports, Chelsea football club and computers.

Dislikes: Cousins, annoying class mates, maths, racist people and hackers.

Mostly spotted: Grime, Flums fountain.

Jamie is the owner and creator of BinWeevils Fire. He is extremely interested in gaming and is always happy to help.


Weevil Name:Woofy2001

Joined BinWeevils:2010

Position in BinWeevils Fire: Editor

Likes: Youtube, Norwich City

Dislikes: Homophobics,racists,Ipswich Town Fans

Mostly spotted: Grime

Woofy is the co-owner of Binweevils XRA and an Editor here. I have worked on lots of blogs and am well known for my fan art done by myslef and my little bro.



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  1. Lee says:

    got any emails that i can email you at?

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