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About kieran6955

I'm kieran6955, a blogger about Bin Weevils and Club Penguin! I own a site called Bin Weevils Broadcasters which is awaiting its 2nd birthday to come! It has also had more than 13,000 weevils that have visited it, my current goal for views is to get 20,000 before March 2014. I also make cool graphics! If you want one you can just ask and I will give you it in a 2 day period! I am also a html coder! I can make trackers, .Gif or .swf files, if you want one ask me and I will give it to you! I am aged 17, my birthday is 26th August so I would love a present (hint, hint)! I am very kind, helpful and I love blogging! Help me reach 400 followers on twitter @GamingKieran because that would be very nice of you. I don't have anything else to say so, Bye!

Kieran6955’s Party!

Hello Bin Weevils! Date:  Saturday 15th February 2014 Time: 15:00 – 16:00 Bin: Grime (if full try logging in again) Meeting  point: Weevil Post then kieran6955’s nest!   Are you coming?   Please tell your friends to come!   Please … Continue reading

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Kieran6955’s Christmas Party!

Hello Bin Weevils! Kieran6955 here with a new party coming your way soon! Date: Friday 20th December 2013 Time: 17:00 until 18:30 Bin: Dirt Place: Weevil Post then kieran6955′s nest VIPs: Chip8967, kieran6955 and more. If you want to be … Continue reading

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BIN BUZZ: Scribbles Gets The Scoop

Hello Weevils! Here’s what’s new: Scribbles has been a busy Bin Weevil lately, tracking down all the latest Bin news, rumours and secrets. Is there something you’re bursting to know about the Bin? Is there someone you’d LOVE Scribbles to … Continue reading

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Earn a XP Code!

Hey Weevils! Have you wanted to get to that next level or trying to get your XP goal? Well either way this is the perfect post for you! To earn the single use code you will need to make kieran6955 … Continue reading

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Hello weevils! Kieran6955 here and I’m wondering if I should leave Bin Weevils but I thought I should ask viewers of all the blogs I work on. So here’s the question: Should I leave Bin Weevils? I will still be … Continue reading

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I am Back From My Break!

Hey Guys! Kieran6955 here and I am back from my break of blogging. I do apologise for not telling you first but I’m back now! I heard that Jamie might leave and I say no to that. I hope BinWeevils-Fire … Continue reading

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The Time Hunters Are Here!

Hey Guys! THE TIME HUNTERS HAVE ARRIVED! Head through the Time Hunters portal at Gong’s Pipenest to be transported to the world of the Time Hunters! Read a whole host of book extracts from the Time Hunters series, earn nest items, win … Continue reading

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