Become an author for 3 weeks.

Every monday we will be selecting 3 weevils and putting them into author polls. If your not selected,you will always have a chance next week!

Your role will be an author.

First of all, Comment down the comment section and write down your ‘wordpress’ email,your weevil name,your level. If you dont want to join for 3 weeks, go to the Join the fire page.

Note:If its been 3 weeks,you will  be deleted. If comment here again,you wont be selected. If you wanna join the site permenantly,go to Join the fire page!.


17 Responses to Become an author for 3 weeks.

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  2. woofy2001 says:

    Email: comment will show

  3. Name: BinweevilPedia or cliangordn1753
    Email: Comment will show
    Level: BinweevilPedia: 2 cliangordn1753: 42

  4. Weevil Name: cliangordn1753
    Bin Weevils Level: 44
    Description of Weevil: Very friendly, Happy, Always in touch and will find you in the bin in less than 1 week.

    • XxJamieXx says:

      Thanks for your submission! At the moment, we are not recruiting anyone for 3 weeks HOWEVER you can submit your details on Join The Fire for a permanent place 😀

  5. Cillian Gordon says:

    Thanks a billion!

  6. dustbin2388 says:

    Name: dustbin2388
    Emal: Comment will show
    Level: 62

    This is for the 3 weeks aurthor

  7. Sonic Lear says:

    Name: SonicLear

  8. Sonic Lear says:

    PS: I’m on binweevils all the time

  9. bars6 says:

    name;ar email level 24

  10. bars6 says:

    my weevils name is yar miss type

  11. Spencer says:

    Urm… I think you should delete this page lol no offence dude

  12. Aliyah says:

    email: Comment will show

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