Bin Pet Guide

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I (Bin-Pet-Master) am the creator of B.W.H.S Bin Weevil Help Service. As my name suggests I am pretty handy with Bin Pets, and on this page I am going to help you with your bin pet.


If you have only just adopted your bin pet and your not really sure what to do then don’t panic! We have everything you need right here (on the basics section of this page)

When you buy your bin pet, the little creatures get delivered to your nest straight away! But when you first buy it be sure to log out then log back in! When you have done that you need to make sure your place your bin pets food bowl and basket in your nest (you get them free when you first buy your bin pet)

When you name your bin pet make sure it’s something you like, because you won’t be able to change it. The same goes with your bin pets look.  So choose something you will be happy with forever. When you log out do you ever worry about what  trouble your bin pet might get into? well there’s no need to worry  because when you log out your bin pet climbs into it’s bed and stays there until you log back in. When you are logged out all your bin pets statistics are paused! how handy!

Like all real animals, bin pets love to be played with. Play with them by throwing a ball  and make it fetch etc. Your bin pet also likes to be stroked. Hover  your mouse over your bin pet to stroke it!

How to teach your Bin Pet: Jump spin one arm bounce

Jump spin one arm bounce is a really good move to have your bin pet learn. It looks really good and it is fun to make your bin pet do it. To teach it to your bin pet then it’s quite simple. Practise sit and stay and come here. Them moves will help you learn jump spin one arm bounce. You also need to practise all spin moves. These include spin, fast spin, jump spin and jump spin one arm. Soon your bin pet should have learnt it.

NOTE: When trying to teach your bin pet jump spin one arm bounce try to make sure it is healthy

Once you have learnt jump spin one arm bounce click on the button circled below to make your bin pet use it:

Teaching your bin pet: juggle

juggle is a good move for your bin pet to master. Unfortunately it can also be quite hard to master. But have no fear, we have the instructions to help you!

Try making you bin pet practise fetch lots. Make it master fetch completely. Then do the same with throw to me so your bin pet can use throw to me easily. Then your bin pet should have learnt juggle. But, it doesn’t stop there. If you keep practising juggle then you will unlock more juggling balls for your bin pet to use! Keep practising until you’ve learnt them all.

Hope this helped!