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To enter the chatbox, click here 

Please Read The Rules To Know What To Do And What Not To Do

1.Dont Swear (As Long Its Not Amied)

2.Dont Ask For Upgrade (Meaning That For Example Your Member And Your Asking To Be An Owner)

3.Dont Advertise Any Websites. (Youtube Is Okay)

4. Dont Be Rude To An Owner (You Could Get Kicked).

5. Dont Be Rude To Anyone Else.(Inappropriate)

6.Don’t Doodle Spam, Smiley Spam And Don’t  Keep Saying The Same Thing.

7. No flood in chat (don’t keep writing things like…………………………….. again and again)

Mod/Owner Rules

1.Do A Fair Kick And A Fair Ban.

2. Don’t Ban A Young User For No Reason.

If You Want To Become Owner/Moderator Follow These Instructions.

Help The Owners And Moderators Tell Them What Happens If There is A Fight Or Argument

Tell Owners And Moderators Who Advertised.

Tell Owners And Moderators Who Is Being Rude.

Tell Owners And Moderators Who is Smiley Spamming, Doodle Spamming.


8 Responses to ChatBox

  1. talon1 says:

    weel do

  2. XxnickywickXx says:

    hi jamie its me XxnickywickXx

  3. XxJamieXx says:

    Note:Please Click The Chat Link.
    Many Of You Ask Where Is The Link .
    Scroll Up To See The Link Or Just Click The Link Here

  4. -Rikki-100 says:

    Hi im new my name Rikki and i do have weevil i go to grime at most of time at orange peel !

  5. puffleracer says:

    my user is Whatever9999 pass is my2boys (captil W for Whatever9999
    user ijijij pass mknmkn

  6. I can not get into the chat guys sorry

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