Garden Tips

Gardening looks simple doesn’t it? This is what you are probably thinking. ‘’All I have to do is just buy a plant, plant it onto my garden and let it grow! And it won’t even wither!’’

Unfortunately, that is not true. Whenever you select a plant to buy, there is a description underneath it, It will say Harvest for (Meaning how much mulch and xp you will earn if you harvest it), Grows in(Meaning what hour or day(s) it will grow in) and Lives for(Meaning how many hours or day(s) the plant can survive for).

Try to remember those key things! Especially how long it can live for and when it grows!

But first of all, we are going to tell you how to position your plants!

 The way you position your plants around your garden will allow you to grow more at once, the best way we’ve found is to plant your plants around your garden in organized curved rows like around your fence (if you have one).

Which are the best plants to buy to earn a lot of mulch and experience?

Non Tycoon Help

Well, I would recommend Blue Bubble Mushrooms for non tycoons. They take two hours and if you have the time to log onto Bin Weevils every two hours and harvest and plant, they’re the right plants for you!


Bin Tycoon Help

Well hi tycoons! If your a tycoon, you’re gona get mulch rolling in with the super rare Super Bling Cap! They’re very rare, and your lucky if they’re in the garden shop when they’re there.


(Optional plants we recommend too!)


Unlocked at level 15

Recommended quantity: 18.

Recommended quantity if you are not rich:8


Blue Bubble Mushroom

Unlocked at level 23

Recommended quantity:11

Recommended quantity if you are not rich:4


16 Responses to Garden Tips

  1. Kashiii says:

    If youre not a tycoon i recomend getting the cactus’s <—all of them and the pea plant!!

  2. rainbow20004 says:

    yeah i think there good plants 2 my favorite is the rainbow rose

  3. Binking5146 says:

    Jamie,as you said the phoenix tree really helped!
    thanks for encouraging me to buy it!!!
    thanks (:(:

  4. grace weston says:

    cool im lottiestar123 and im a tycoon always on my ipad touch and i love the rainbow rose plant

  5. grace weston says:

    oops sorry im lottiestar123

  6. cool im loving the rainbow rose plant

  7. mo9mo9 says:

    i am a tycoon and i recommend u buy helicopter swedes (if ur patient)

  8. aaron195 says:

    Im a tycoon and i recommend bling caps and super bling caps because u get a big profit and loads of xp

  9. Mike says:

    Get bubble mushrooms! I use them every day and I earn over 4,000 xp!

  10. Amelia Martini says:

    how do u expand your garden?

  11. Steven says:

    rainbow roses are RARE??

    (click on my name)

  12. LaRrY-xX © says:

    I Recommend for the noobs maybe some cowboy cactus.they help until your level 15 buy pea plants and bin stalks. When your level 27 buy as many helicopter sweeds as possible. THEY GIVE YOU 60 XP! thats how you level up My style 🙂

  13. TAL548 says:

    i plant rainbow roses cowboy cactuses and tulips! alltogether i would earn: 525 mulch and 20 or 40 xp!!!!!

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