sWs Stands For Secret Weevil Service In The sWs You Must Report Bad Weevils And Take Part In Missions. To Join You Will Have To Click On The Portrait Of Clott In Your Nest. Then You Will Have To Take A Quiz To Test Your Knowledge Of The Bin


Before the SWS used to be located in Flem Manor. Some weevils found it hard to find the SWS HQ.

Before you had to answer your knowledge about the bin then find all the SWS bubbles.

Missions were avaliable for everyone but then BinWeevil team made some of the missions for TYCOON ONLY. Nobody found this fair.


10 Responses to SWS

  1. joe says:

    i cant do the lost blue diamond

  2. abdel says:

    the are a new missim it at the tv toower.

  3. jeeyeung says:

    I completed the showdown at tycoon towers.!.!

  4. haroon says:

    and me ive done the showdown

  5. haroon says:

    ive done the finall showdown

  6. haroon says:

    at tycoon touwers

  7. Mike says:

    Ive done all the missions. Blue Diamond Part 2 was the hardest and it took me about 3 weeks.

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