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Inks Orange Peel was one of the greatest places in the bin untill it was replaced by Flums Fountain in May 2011. Alot of weevils were angry at the BinWeevils team because not all of the weevils liked it. Flums Fountain was small but Inks Orange Peel was very big.

Inks Orange Peel attracted alot of famous weevils like -AmirKhan44-,Bandit,Lauraaa big weevil,Scribbles and more. Now in Flums Fountain,we dont really see any Famous weevils.

Ink Orange Peel had games and you could do alot of glitches in Inks Orange Peel.

We hope we someday get Inks Orange Peel,Kips scrapyard and Peel Park back.
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35 Responses to Inks Orange Peel Info page

  1. MONTELVP says:

    i miss inks soooo much

  2. joe says:

    i dont have inks orange peel

  3. ultcannonbolt says:

    kips was crap!! i dont belive u want it back jeez

  4. haroon says:

    i miss inks SO GET IT BACK SCRIBBLES

  5. MONTELVP says:

    INKS INKS INKS INKS IKNS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mahek says:

    I wish Inks was stil there because I hadnt even joined binweevils when it was there! Ive never seen any famous weevils either

  7. wengie2 says:

    i never even saw inks but it sounds good I WANT IT BACK TOO!!!!!!!!!! (CRIES)

  8. jude says:

    i was in the very old bin weevils and i was called henzarules

  9. Mike says:

    I dont care if it comes back or not. It’s just one bin place. XP

  10. antonjose says:

    please bw team bring….iT….BACK!!!

  11. kieran6955 says:


  12. onnnnndsd says:

    Its not fair I only join in 2012 And never get to see it

  13. Ransor says:

    (blows nose) i miss inks so so much! its not fair they had to change the place we liked the most! alothough i have not seen inks, i know how weevils feel in inks

  14. Hi it is me chip, I really loved Inks orange peel and thw took it

  15. XxJamieXx says:

    Hey weevils! I contacted BinWeevils team about Inks orange peel. I wrote a whole paragraph of why they should bring back Inks Orange Peel. They haven’t replied yet but if you lot do it too, we might see Inks Orange Peel again! 😀

  16. Cillian Gordon says:

    XxJamieXx I am going to copy you because I joined Bin Weevils on January 17th 2012 so I never got to see it but I really feel like it was a SUPER good place, everyone who sees this comment I will comment again and I’ll tell you what to say, you should do that too XxJamieXx, tell them what you wrote and if you do it too hf556 you tell us all too!

  17. Cillian Gordon says:

    What I said to the Bin Weevils Team for the bad replace of Ink’s Orange Peel was:
    PLEASE bring back Ink’s Orange Peel and I have reasons too:
    1. Most Weevils on Bin Weevils Never got to see Ink’s Orange Peel. (Like Me)
    2. Most weevils where angry when ye took it away (furious at ye)
    3. Weevils want to see famous weevils, did you know that? Probably Not. You used to see famous weevils at Ink’s Orange Peel but not at Flum’s Fountain. (I got that from a website)
    4. You are making weevils sad, you shouldn’t of won BAFTA KIDS AWARDS 2011 or 2012. (Children are probably crying that it’s gone)
    5. Why didn’t you not keep the Bin like it was in May 2011 when amazing Ink’s Orange Peel had to get replaced with bad Flum’s Fountain. (I also got this from a website that it got replaced in May 2011.
    So, Please give it back.

  18. blake k says:

    i want it back

  19. droocul says:

    I joined in 2013 and I never got a chance to see it. It looks very big and busy though. Who’s idea was it to replace Ink’s with Flum’s? Just put it back so I can see it.

    • cliangordn1753 says:

      Flum = Scribbles
      What I think…
      I think Flum wanted his own place, and I would find it more exciting to go into the 2010 bin! Although Flum might of already owned a place in the bin, he wanted a NEW place. He’s selfish, ARGHHH. I HATE YOU FLUM FOR REPLACING INK’S ORANGE PEEL.
      Ah, Great to get that out of my system.

      • droocul says:

        Why did he need a fountain anyway? It was better before because you could play games and all that. I can hardly remember it because of that silly fountain. Plus it takes forever to load.

  20. cliangordn1753 says:

    He wanted to have the coolest place in the bin.
    100% FACTS:
    Tink’s Tree Was Kips (Kip’s Scrapyard)
    Flum’s Fountain Was Inks (Ink’s Orange Peel)
    There however was another Dosh’s Palace too.
    Also I think there however was also another Mulch Island.

    • GamingKieran Productions! says:

      Actually Tink’s Tree was the Peel Park and I know because that was my favourite place! I also remember Tinks Tree used to be called Tinks Statue.

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