Announcing the Closure of Bin Weevils Fire.

Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s been a great four years for Bin Weevils Fire, but unfortunately all great things have to come to an end at some time.

Me, Jamie and the rest of the authors have enjoyed updating the site, but Jamie has now left Bin Weevils and there’s no one to look after this blog.

The ability to comment on pages will be stopped, due to the comments will not be moderated and we don’t want any inappropriate comments on this site.

You can still contact me at and you can visit my Bin Weevils fan site,

Many Thanks.

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My departure from the bin.. Goodbye

Hello weevils,

Before I start this post, I would like to thank each and every one of you for all the support I have gotten. It was the reason why blogging was one of my favourite hobbies but sadly, you are probably not going to get anymore posts from me.

I am not being ”Lazy” or anything like that. Its just that I recently decided to leave BinWeevils and resign from blogging.

BinWeevils was great back in the day, but as I grew older, I felt like the game is boring and a bit repetitive. Ever since Inks Orange Peel was removed, the bin never felt the same to me. A lot of my old friends left BinWeevils for the same reason, but I did not quit. I carried on.

Carrying on was a great decision! I met new friends such as chip8976, Eddzy and many more! (You all know who you are 🙂 )

It was a great journey and I enjoyed it. I thank everyone who has supported me throughout the way. Most importantly, thank you hf556 for helping me revive the site.



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Careful when leaving a comment.

Hello weevils,

No, I have not returned unfortunately, but this is a reminder for you all.

Even though I did retire from blogging, I still do monitor the site and get various comments. Most of them having inappropriate words on them. Most of the comments will be deleted but if you carry on your actions, you will be banned from commenting.

Even though most Authors do not work here anymore, I would appreciate it if you delete comments that have inappropriate words on them.


Thank you.

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My YouTube Gaming Channel

Hi all of Bin Weevils,

As you may know, I have left the bin and Bin Weevils Fire! One of the reasons for this is because I started playing a game called Minecraft. This game is okay, but I wasn’t really a ‘Gamer’ back then. My friend ‘Finlay’ who can be annoying but he’s cool, told me about Steam and the Steam platform. If you don’t know what that is… well, you’ve probably been living under  a rock for the past 8 years. Its a program for Windows/Mac/Linux based computers and you can download games safely and securely. Finlay told me about a game called Garry’s Mod where you can pretty much do anything! Its like an ‘Indie’ version of Grand Theft Auto. I play a lot of this game still and its very fun! I started playing Minecraft again and met a few friends. I’ve realised they’re really annoying and not real friends. They taught me about a game called Team Fortress 2. This game is a free-based deathmatch game and they is a lot to do! Since then, I’ve been going from game to game, Youtube channel to youtube channel, Now I’ve started playing a computer game called Call of Duty: Ghosts. I don’t play it that often because it is quite laggy on my computer, but its making me want to get a Play Station 4 or 3. That is why I’ve started a YouTube channel for all of these games! It will be called SpennyYT and I’ll be having a lot of fun doing videos and having fun with my friends. I’m not just wanting everyone to subscribe. This channel is more about just having a good time and playing with my friends! So if anyone at all would like to play any cool game on steam with me? Just comment your steam name! Mine is superspen10, but it will come up with SpennyYT if you type in superspen10 and SpennyYT is me!

YouTube channel URL:

Your Sincerely

SpencerB (Aka Larry aka Devilster aka tessaelizabeth lol)

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Kieran6955’s Party!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Date:  Saturday 15th February 2014

Time: 15:00 – 16:00

Bin: Grime (if full try logging in again)

Meeting  point: Weevil Post then kieran6955’s nest!
Are you coming?
Please tell your friends to come!

Please like, share and re-blog this post.



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Video Post: Bin Pets Paradise Games!

Please click here to visit Weevily Wonder. 

Hello Bin Weevils!

I’ve uploaded two new videos to my You Tube channel, the videos show you the new games inside Gympet at Bin Pets Paradise which are Bin-tastic. Did you know? When you’ve completed each  game, your Bin Pet’s happiness will go up.

Chip8967… Please like, share and re-blog!

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If this blog isn’t getting the views it needs, we might close down *please read*

Hello there,

It’s me, cliangordn1753 – I know, I’m posting even though I’ve quit BinWeevils partially.

BinWeevils-Fire aren’t getting the views it needs, and if its views are affecting this blog, we’ll have to delete it, as simple as said.

Why aren’t we not getting the views?

  • Nobody whose been invited is posting, including hf556, chip8967, Spencer, XxJamieXx (himself, I know!), cliangordn1753 (myself), and all the others who are invited.
  • People think “this blog is too old to be viewed”, but we all know they’re the ones who’ve had an unsuccessful blog. 
  • People give up, which is starting to affect this blog badly.
  • People do view it, but after a while they find that it “becomes boring” and give up.

So now I just named 4 reasons people aren’t viewing or even posting on this blog.

I shall be removing people soon if they do not post within today and December 31st 2013.

Failing results in being removed, and maybe not even be able to join again, so get posting!

By the way, “I’m going on holiday for 2 weeks” isn’t an excuse, you can post there and then, and you know it.

Even if you’re going on holiday for 3 weeks, you’ll still be removed.

Even if you have to go somewhere in 1 minute for 3 weeks, no, you’ll still be removed, internet access or not, laptop or device or not.

I hope you understand what I’m talking about now, because you’ll know all about it once you’re removed.

In fact, if you use any excuses, you’ll be removed immediately, even if you REALLY ARE going somewhere.



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